Escape Room


Entertainment is our game. We aim to provide all of our customers with a truly fun and immersive experience. Each themed room has been carefully crafted and fitted out to take our customers into another world.

Welcome to the most exciting Real
Escape Room Game in Singapore!

Come to us and revel in a lip-smacking fusion of technology, entertainment and creativity. A stimulating environment in our escape room games and escape room gadgets awaits you to drench you in big doses of originality and ingenuity. Check out our Escape Quest gaming. It also a lot of fun with friends and family!

Escape Room Singapore

The Crypt
An archaeological experience of a lifetime. Expedition to the cursed tomb of Kahmunrah II, and retrieve the relic. The Golden Sphere, a mythical globe of immense powers. Survive the tomb, or meet your eternal doom.
Mission Missile
Virus X47 is a deadly airborne strain set to be released into the air by a mad scientist. The government has issued a missile launch to eradicate the city the virus is made in. Deactivate the missile and save the city. Good luck Agent 007.
Trials X
Kidnapped into a facility, you and your friends face the worst scenario possible. Welcome, to the 10th version of the Human Trials. Good luck Player.
Code Name:
Your mission, NASA initiate, is to enter the radiation based facility that is rumored to be an alien haven. Survive and live to see another day. Failure to complete the mission, and you die.

Our games are designed and selected in a way to test logical thinking, observation skills.

Bring your team and play together in a group to get through multiple layers and absorbing challenges. Get mesmerized by amazing props and gadgets to enjoy a variety of corporate team building activities Singapore.

It’s Selfie Time!

Succeed or fail, you and your team will be able to dress up with various costumes and props for cool photos.