Escape Quest

The Escape Quest is an interactive game
play. Featuring augmented reality settings.

Game players receive real time challenges,
puzzles and clues.

They are tasked to follow through to the various
locations in the game, and complete the objective
set for the game.

Currently there are two modes to the
game play,

1. A story based game.

2. A heritage, Educational Trail.

Note : All scores will be stored in our admin panel, and will be subjected to reviewing by game facilitators.

How to play?

Participants are required to download the Roomraider app, maximum 3 people per phone game. After downloading, we will provide more information on how they can start the game.

There will be a briefing before the game starts, to ensure players know the rules of the game, and how to go about playing it.

Chinatown Heist

Chinatown, the location for the largest auction of priceless jewels and artefacts to date. Days before the auction, several artefacts end up missing. Your mission, should you choose to accept it. A robbery of the finest order, find the artefacts and apprehend the group before the time runs out.

Features puzzles that require GPS, cryptic riddles and
much more.

Location: Chinatown – Telok Ayer.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.

District Art & Heritage

From museums to old architecture, journey with us through the art district in Singapore. Hidden gems are spread around here for you to find! Prepare for an artsy blast from the past, coupled with fun activities for you to immerse yourself with! Expect puzzles around popular must see attractions such as CHIJMES and Fort Canning, complete funky picture challenges and solve riddles/questions!

Location : Bras Basah – City Hall – Clarke Quay.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.

Orchard: Past and Present

Immerse yourself into the history of Singapore’s famed shopping district.

Identify the old Singapore with the new, answer tricky questions and find locations that would hit you right in the nostalgia.

Location : Orchard – Somerset.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Port

Back on another adventure, Captain Jack Sparrow is again in search of gold. This time he is eyeing the big prize. As Gibbons, his first mate, will you be able to help Jack? Enter into the world of Port Singapore, where the Spirits lay in unrest, the mythical beasts emerge from the shadows and a fight for your life.

Location : Esplanade – Marina Bay – Fullerton Bay.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.

Botanic Gardens

Spice up your family picnic days with a trail quest around Botanic Gardens. Admire the natural beauty Mother Nature has on display while venturing through the different garden sectors. Who knows, you might even learn something new!

Location : Botanical Gardens – Singapore.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.

CBD Bomb Threat

Delve into the world of an experienced detective. Your mission is to solve the rumoured bomb threat in the ever-bustling Central Business District. Solve it fast, or else the entire corporate sector falls.

Learning Outcomes: Time management

Location : Esplanade – Marina Bay – Fullerton Bay.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.

Sentosa: Hostage Edition

Ordinary citizen, aka you, just witnessed a kidnapping. You have two choices: Find the kidnappers and release the kidnapped individual like James Bond, or be willfully ignorant and have the victim’s blood on your hands. Your choice will lead your journey.

Learning Outcomes: Time management

Location : Sentosa Island.

Optimum Pax:  3-4 per group.