is Our Game.

We aim to provide all of our customers
with a truly fun and immersive experience.

Come experience the most exciting Real
Escape Room Game and corporate team
building games in Singapore now!

Real escape room games were derived from the popular “Escape the Room” video games as well as the classic point and click adventure and mystery computer games. Originating in Japan, real life escape room games are now gaining popularity in many parts of the world.

Our customers will be transported to a fantasy world and immersed in an exciting adventure. Technology, entertainment, and creativity elements are fused together to create a thoroughly designed entertainment environment that reflects Roomraider SG’s commitment to originality and creativity.

All of our breakout escape games in Singapore have been designed to be very different from one another.

Whether you like cute themes such as “Where’s Cuddles”, Sci-Fi like “Mission Missile”, or are looking for a spooky adventure such as “The Crypt”, we will have something for you. The vast array of puzzles will challenge your observation skills, logical thinking, as well as your ability to think out of the box.

From the themes to the puzzles involved, every game will take you on a completely different adventure.